Advertising: 5 tips for a great display

By Maxmedia

May 17, 2019

Designing advertising signage that attracts attention, arouses interest and promotes the retention of your product or service is what will allow you to stand out.

In display you usually only have 3 seconds of attention for a consumer to understand your message. In a sea of advertising signage, it can be difficult to stand out.

Discover how to create advertising posters that will turn heads and, above all, convince your customers to buy or do business with you.

1. An effective title

The title is often what determines the success or failure of an advertising poster. Generally, a good title presents only one argument, often the distinctive element of your company or product (USP). It is recommended to write short titles. If you want your message to be remembered, express it in less than seven words; the human brain only retains an average of seven elements at a time. Writing in the imperative can allow you to shorten your title and directly appeal to your consumer. Always be positive, it leaves a better image of you in your consumer’s mind.

2. A Streamlined Layout

When we read a poster, our eyes tend to follow the shape of a Z, starting from the upper left corner and ending in the lower right corner. It is therefore a prime location for your logo: it is the last thing consumers will see. Too much is like not enough. Keep your poster airy and simple, without too many images and you will increase your chances of being seen. It is recommended to put an image and little text. Your text should only represent 30% of your poster.

3. Evocative Colours

It is well known that colours sometimes speak for themselves. Make sure that the colours you choose represent the message you want to convey. For example, red encourages action and impulsivity, it is a dynamic colour. It is ideal for more masculine products. When displaying, it is recommended to use clear colours. In addition, according to the study by Sciences Research Associates Inc., colour preferences vary with age. Younger people prefer pure and bright colours while older people prefer softer and darker colours.

4. Images That Attract Attention

In display, you only have a few seconds to pass on your message. The image will most likely be the first thing consumers will notice. Choose it carefully. Images showing a person who looks like your target audience are very effective. They are even more so if your character is facing the reader. In this way, the reader can identify with the character and create a link with them and, as a result, with your brand.

5. Your Company is Promoted

Have you ever seen a great ad, but forgotten about the advertiser? Maybe great, but completely ineffective. Highlight your name or logo. In order to increase your chances of being recognized, it can be interesting to develop a strong and distinctive brand image. This way, if all your posters have a particular visual signature, the consumer will automatically know that you are the advertiser.

You want to make sure you have an effective and attractive poster? Do business with us! Our team of designers will advise you on the different ways to optimize your ads.

This article is based on the book 1001 trucs publicitaires by Luc Dupont.